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Emergence of web as a medium of corporate reporting?

Web based Corporate Reporting 

One of the most rapidly growing areas of internet technology is the World Wide Web, which is used for business communication in various forms. It has the potential to be used in almost all the functional areas of management and business.

Reporting their financial results and other information relating to the business on their website

The internet technology provides a new platform for disseminating all this information. It is a technology that has the potential to exhibit distinctive and attractive features of information which makes it an efficient and cost effective measure as compared to the traditional methods of printed media

 It offers users the facilities to access documents containing multimedia mixtures of text, graphics, sound and video in a standard format which is open to everyone. It is a fast, cheap and increasingly used media of information in business world today


1. To survey the availability of websites for the fortune 500 companies in India and China.
2. To make a content analysis on the basis of disclosures on the websites
3. To compare the extent of on-line corporate reporting across various sectors in India and china.
4. To draw conclusion and offer recommendations.

Emergence  of Web based  corporate reporting 

The present research paper investigates the utilization of web-based facilities for communicating corporate information by companies in India.500 companies listed in Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) in India and Hong Kong Stock Exchange in China have been collected through the extensive survey on the websites of the sample units.

  • 500 companies in India 416 (83.20%) had active websites out of this 409 (98.31%) distributed their current year annual reports on their websites.
  • 125 (30.05%) also included auditors` reports of the previous year. 
  • 402 (80.40%) of fortune 500 companies in China had active websites out of this 400 distributed their current year annual reports on their websites.
  •  23 (5.72%) also included auditors` reports of previous year.

500 companies in India, 416 (83.2percent) had active websites while 22 (4.6 percent) companies did not have any website 

 the websites of the remaining 62 (12.4 percent) companies were not accessible/under construction/not in use during the period of this study

 Chinese fortune 500 companies 402 (80.40 percent) had active websites, 29 (5.80 percent) did not have any website and the websites of 69 (13.80) companies were not accessible/ under construction / not in use during the study period.

Table 2 The sample companies have been distributed into 15 sectors in each country. Of these 15 sectors Engineering and Electrical in India had the highest number of websites with 92.54 percent and the cement industry had the lowest number of websites 57.14 percent

While in China the Banking, Leasing and Finance had the highest number of websites with 90.41 percent companies having websites while the insurance sector had the least number of websites

For companies not having websites in India (22 companies) include the local subsidiaries of 2 multinational companies (MNCs) as compared 

 6 (MNCs) in China that do not have local websites but the parent companies of these (MNCs) have websites

This is full topic of Emergence of Corporate reporting on web based. In this Topic you can  include the Benefits and their role in indian companies 

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