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Overview of XBRL Taxonomy - Building Block of XBRL

Overview of XBRL Taxonomy 
A taxonomy is included a XML Schema [SCHEMA-1] and the greater part of the linkbases contained in that construction or straightforwardly referenced by that diagram.

The XML outline is known as a taxonomy pattern. In XBRL terminology, an idea is a meaning of a reporting term. Ideas show as XML Schema [SCHEMA-1] component definitions. Part of Building Block of XBRL

 In the overview of Xbrl taxonomy diagram an idea is given a solid name and a sort. The sort characterizes the sort of information sorts took into consideration realities measured by idea definition. For instance, a "money" idea would regularly have a fiscal sort.

This announces when money is accounted for, its quality will be fiscal. Interestingly, an "accountingPoliciesNote" idea would normally have a string sort so that, when the "accountingPoliciesNote" is accounted for in a XBRL occurrence, its quality would be translated as a series of characters.

Extra requirements on how ideas can be utilized are recorded by extra XBRL traits on the XML Schema [SCHEMA-1] component definitions that compare to the ideas. See Section 5.1.1 for subtle elements.

Overview of XBRL Taxonomy ​Link Base

  • The linkbases in a taxonomy further record the significance of the ideas by communicating connections between ideas (between idea connections) and by relating ideas to their documentation. See Section 5.2 for points of interest. 

  • A linkbase is a gathering of expanded connections. There are five various types of stretched out connections utilized as a part of scientific categorizations to record ideas: definition, estimation, presentation, mark and reference. The initial three sorts of expanded connection express between idea connections, and the last two express connections amongst idea and their documentation. 

  • The linkbases MAY be contained in a different record from the taxonomy composition, and they MAY be inserted in the taxonomy pattern.

  •  At the point when a linkbase is not inserted in a taxonomy diagram, the taxonomy construction MUST contain a linkbaseRef to indicate the linkbase archive if the linkbase is to be a piece of the taxonomy worked around the taxonomy composition.

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