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The XBRL specifications - Building Block of XBRL

The XBRL  specifications - The establishment of the XBRL Standard is the XBRL 2.1 specification, which is firmly coordinated with the XBRL Dimensions specification. These specifications let you characterize XBRL scientific classifications and make XBRL examples, including multidimensional information.

The XBRl specifications - Building block of Xbrl  - Following Points :- 

Inline XBRL (or iXBRL) specification gives an approach to distribute reports in HTML with installed guidelines to change over the information on the page into XBRL.

Table Linkbase gives a method for showing (and gathering) complex information in comprehensible forms and layouts.

The Formula specification gives an approach to characterize and run business rationale rules against information contained in a case archive, to either test that information or to make new realities.

The XBRL Global Ledger taxonomy is a framework for managing, trading, gathering and totaling value-based information with full penetrate down abilities.

The Versioning specification gives an approach to report that progressions that are set aside a few minutes.

The Streaming specification gives you a chance to manage expansive amounts of information.

A scope of supporting specifications streamline parts of the framework, or give registries to rearrange certain sorts of transforms or information sorts.

These are The XBRl specifications - Building block of Xbrl  of corporate  e reporting of 4th sem

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