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How to Prepare For UGC NET Exam ? Timetable and Tips

UGC NET Exam 2018 - This is the most important exam for every student who are dreaming the career in teaching. There are many students who are preparing the UGC NET Exam 2018. But here we Commerce Update team Wants to share some Tips and Guidance for Makes Easy The UGC NET July exam 2018. For clear the exam of UGC NET You need to be Dedicate and Clear to the object and 100% input in preparing exam. Here are some tips for Preparing the UGC NET Exam 2018.

ugc net exam preparation 2018

How To Prepare Time Table for UGC NET Exam 

Best Thing of UGC NET Exam is that You do not have to face nagative marking in exam. so you can leave or attempt the question without any fear. So this is good to prepare the exam with proper timetable to attend the exam with proper Time management. 

1. Print or Download UGC NET 2018 Syllabus - firstly You need To download or print the latest syllabus of UGC NET july Exam 2018. if your syallabus in your hand its very easy to get all topics which are relevant to the Exam

2. Calculate Some Time of Your Day -  Now You have to Calculate your free time or Spare time or other time for preparing the time table.its help you calculate your proper time you have or you need to spent. follow the example 

--------  Suppose 1 Month is left for Final Exam. 

                                 1 Month = 30 days x 24 Hour = 720 hour 

You have 720 Hour and Now calaculate the Time that you may Spent on Exam preparation

                               1 day = 24 Hour 

Hour You spent usually ( Basic ) not including the Time of GF BF talks :D 
                                Total Hour =                                                     24 
                                Sleeping =                                                        ( 7 Hour ) 
                                Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ( Each 1 Hour )       (  3 Hour ) 
                                zym,Outing, TV, Music                                   ( 2 Hour )
                                Time Left                                                        12 Hour  

So You have 12 Hour left for preparing the exam. Let we take 10 Hour daily for 30 days if we are really dedcate to our career 

                     10x30 = 300 Hour   so now you have 300 Hour Prepare the UGC NET Exam 2018 

3. Divide the Topics in Require Time - it means you need to divide the time of you have calculated as explained. Note down the all topics which are tough for you and Easy for you. Index the Time over their, 

4. Be dedicate and Focused - Put aside your mobile phones and Whatsapp chats and all things which distract the mind from study, be focused and Dedicate and give your 100% clear the exam. 

                               So This artcile is basicly for Creating the time table for your UCG NET exam 2018 which is going to held in July. So good luck and Soon we wll launch the full crash course of UGC NET Exam before the finals :)  
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