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Ugc NET Commerce Notes - Most Important MCQ for July Net Exam 2018

Get Ugc Net Commerce Notes - Here are the most important MCQ for July Net Exam 2018 - All  MCQ are prepared by the Prof Gurpal Singh - 3 Times Qualified UGC NET Exam - Here you will get all commerce net exam Mcq for july exam 2018. there are so many topic in Ugc Exam so you have to prepare all notes one by one. but we make sure these ugc net commerce notes are very important

Ugc NET Commerce Notes

Ugc Net Commerce Notes - MCQ By Prof Gurpal Singh 

Second step in interview process will be?A. Preparation
B. Physical setting
C. Conducting
D. Evaluation

On the basis of structure the interview can be of.......... Types?A. Four
B. Three
C. Two
D. One

Test analyse the hand writing of a candidate?
A. Graphology
B. Gramology
C. Polygraphy
D. Promology

Method the candidates have to solve realistic problems as members of simulated companies?
A. In basket
B. Management games
C. Group discussion
D. Attitude tests

Wonderlic tests r administered to check?
A. E Q
B. Personality
C. Intelligence
D. Attitude

Split half is a method of for finding............ of a test?
A. Validity
B. Reliability
C. Construction
D. All of the above

The consistency of scores obtained by the same person when rested is known as.....
A. Reliability
B. Validity
C. Construction
D. All of the above

In analog mass communication, stories are........?
A. Static
B. Dynamic
C. Interactive
D. Exploratory

 If we are going early in the morning towards the South, the sun will be visible at our left.......?
A. Always
B. Never
C. Often
D. Sometimes

 If the word KNIFE is coded as MPKHG , what do the letters DTGCF stand for?

 The term 'phenomenology' is associated with the process of?
A. Qualitative research
B. Analysis of variance
C. Correlation study
D. Probability sampling

? : Giraffe : : Australia : Kangaroo
A. India
B. Antarctica
C. Africa
D. France
E. Japan

So These are Most Important MCQ of UGC NET Exam - For More UGC NET commerce notes MCQ you can visit the Official Facebook Page of Prof Gurpal Singh 

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